17 - 2022 Aviar Rook Dressage - Demo Condition

17 - 2022 Aviar Rook Dressage - Demo Condition

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Nearly new Rook dressage saddle by Aviar. 

17” Deep Seat

17” Long Flap

6” Wide Tree (Adjustable by a qualified fitter)

Patent Leather Accents

Full Calf

This is a gorgeous, nearly new saddle offered in demo condition. 

The newest offering from Aviar, the Rook 2.0, has a seat that’s extra deep and close to your horse in a way that no other saddle can match. The tree that has been minimalized to reduce weight and bulk. The Rook 2.0 sits you at the closest point to your horse’s back leaving nothing to interfere with you and your horse’s connection.