Devoucoux Biarritz O 17.5

17.5” - 2017 Devoucoux Biarritz O, 1 Flap - Demo Condition "Boss Only" (#17S01017012)

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2017 Devoucoux Biarritz O

17.5” Semi-Flat Seat (Devoucoux tend to ride a bit small in the seat, may fit closer to a 17”)

1 Straight Flap (Measuring 13.25” L x 13” W)

4.5” Tree (This saddle has been built up a bit at the wither to accommodate a narrower type. This saddle is not made to accommodate a broader warmblood.) 

Absolutely gorgeous Devoucoux in a deep rich brown. This saddle is nearly flawless and not fully broken in. The only signs of use are stirrups and a scratch under the panel. Otherwise, it is in nearly new condition! I love the name plate on this one SO much I couldn't bear to remove it - "BOSS ONLY"....a great saddle for all the "boss ladies" out there!