Lettia Cook Girth - 48”, 50” and 56”

Lettia Cook Girth - 48”, 50” and 56”

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From the Manufacturer:

Product Description

Wow, everything you could have thought of in a girth, all in one package. The Lettia Neoprene Clik English Girth has a gel insert that runs along the length of the girth to mold to your horse's conformation, neoprene non-slip backing, double elastic ends, contoured shape, and the list goes on!

The best and most unique part of this girth is that they've upgraded the buckles from simple rollers to rollers with a spring-loaded tongue. This means that there's no more fiddling with the buckles when you are tightening your girth, no matter if it's on a cold morning after you've already put on gloves or mounted your horse. The spring-loaded tongue of the buckle will easily and automatically find its way into the holes of your billets because it stays up against the buckle. 

Please Note: The girth width contours from 3 ¼" at the narrowest point, to 4" at the widest point.

Key Features:

  • Gel Insert for Horse Comfort
  • Spring-Loaded Buckles
  • Contoured Shape
  • Double Elastic Ends
  • Neoprene Non-Slip Lining
  • Completely Machine Washable