16 - 2020 Meyer Zephyr, Hunter Flap, Dark Brown - DEMO Condition!!!

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2020 Meyer (Kids) Zephyr Saddle!!!! SUPER RARE FIND!!!

16” Semi-Deep Seat 

Hunter Flap (Measuring 12.25” L x 12” W)

4.75 / 5” Tree 

Rich Chocolate Brown 

This saddle is one of the rarer finds in our collection and our first Zephyr! It is in gorgeous condition. The construction is phenomenal, specially designed for kids or petite adults!  

From the Manufacturer:

The ZEPHYR saddle has been designed to meet the needs of young riders while ensuring their comfort on the horse’s back. Made of nubuck leather, this all-purpose saddle with an obstacle predominance, equipped with a hollow seat guarantees balance, firmness and comfort for children. The ZEPHYR saddle is adapted to the morphology of ponies.