About Us

My beloved horse partners, Pik and Louie, are the inspiration behind Pik and Louie Saddlery. Both have taught me so much about horsemanship and riding. It is my unrelenting desire and seeking of full connection with them, that brought me to understand the importance of well-made, quality equipment.

I didn’t come to horses through privilege and thus, spent most of my equestrian life riding in lower quality tack that often didn’t fit me or my horse well. When I finally came to understand just how important the right fit was to our connection, and understood the impact a well-made, well-fitting piece of equipment could have on both our comfort - I quickly learned most the tack I wanted was out of my financial realm. I began searching for different ways to find high quality, gently used tack at below market prices. Realizing I didn’t have to spend a fortune to get a high quality saddle which fit me and my horse, led me to want to pass this knowledge and comfort on to others.

While there is no substitute for a quality equestrian education, having a well-made, well-fitting, piece of equipment can make a monumental difference in a rider’s balance and a horse’s comfort.

My goal every time I mount a horse is the same as most riders - to be fully connected and move with my mount, so our endeavor is harmonious. Being connected to a horse is truly an enlightening experience we as riders seek day-after-day, ride-after-ride. I hope our little saddle shop, is able in some small way to help riders find an awakening on their horse's back.