Antares Evolution Saddle 17.5

17.5” - 2022 Antares Evolution, 3NB, 4.5" Tree - Demo Condition

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2022 Antares Evolution

3NB Flap (Measuring 14 1/8" L x 14" W) 


4.5" Dot to Dot (Please pay attention to the panel build as this is best suited for a narrower horse)

Absolutely stunning Antares Evolution - D2 offered in demo condition; this item is barely used and not fully broken in. 

Antares panels are customizable and changeable. This saddle has been built up to provide some loft above the spine for narrower horse. It will work best for a narrower type.  It has only been lightly used and the panel is not fully broken in, it will mold to the horse's back as the foam settles more.